Cascade Springs Forestry


By opening the gates to stewardship, cities can improve the feeling and health of their natural spaces, which has a positive ripple effect throughout the whole community.

Cascade Springs Forestry approaches VEGETATION MANAGEMENT as FOREST STEWARDSHIP by:

REVITALIZING a community's natural assets;

RESTORING a healthy balance of forest vegetation and improving ecological integrity;

RESPECTING professional best management standards that protect wildlife, native plants and people.

REVITALIZING community, as stewards of natural assets.

While most economic development strategies involve some effort to recruit major employers, such as manufacturers or large retailers, many successful communities complement recruitment by emphasizing their existing assets and distinctive natural resources. 

Our ecological approach to vegetation management helps communities:

identify and recover existing natural capital. We work with community leaders to identify and recover natural area assets that offer the best opportunities for accessing natural beauty and passive recreation.

Support a clean and healthy environment. Investing in existing nature by protecting and enhancing natural resources helps spur investment in surrounding properties.

GC_EPA_natural assets_cover.jpg

RESTORING forest health, improving forest structure and ecological functions.

RESPECTING social and environmental values as professionals, applying best management practices protecting wildlife, native plants and people.

We employ up-to-date, integrated vegetation management programs for managing greenspace habitat: invading, nonnative plants are managed while native flora is identified and maintained. Recruitment of natural regeneration and commitment to long term adaptive management are keys to effective restoration.